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Yes. And there is a monthly cost to cover training, IT and other supports.

Yes. For the right candidates we have financing arrangements available.

From ordinary Irish investors.  Investabill® is offered to investors all around the country through a network of financial advisers.  The offering pays much better rates than with bank demand deposit accounts.

No.  The Convertibill® model is based on Exchange Traded Receivables – ETR.  ETR are neither a financial instrument nor an investment instrument.  Credebt Exchange® is not regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland as a result of operating the Exchange and providing the Exchange services. Convertibill® Branches will not be regulated and will not require credit intermediary status.

Credebt® Exchange services the clients providing them with the flexible trade finance they need to grow.  Clients are generally not tied into 12 month contracts or restrictive notice periods.  Branch owners will clearly have a good relationship with client company personnel but ultimately the clients will choose their finance providers.

Branch owners who follow the Convertibill® Finance Formula will build a very good business generating potential revenues of EUR 50.0k / 100.0k / 150.0k+ as the Branch matures.  Full details of the model will be shared as you explore the opportunity and proceed through the awarding process.

You’re buying a proven business model with everything you need to get started including: comprehensive initial training and ongoing support; full CRM and IT system; Convertibill® package with desk, chairs, computer, phone, branding, selling collateral and your own core territory.